+ My Mother was the Moon. phase II. +

+ First visuals in 2024. phase II. +

+ New pictures! +

Photos by: Chelsea


+ FFF @ Gothic Castle, Halberstadt. +

We've had the most exceptional weekend at Jagdschloss Spiegelsberge in Halberstadt)!

Photo: Chris Müller.

FFF Kollektiv February 2020.

Fotos: Chelsea.

+ Kaozzz Konzzzept SpectacL, February 2020. +

Fotos: Andreas Friebel.

+ Oriental Tea Time VIII, January 2020. +

Fotos: André Elbing.

+ phase II. +

+ The unsteadiness of light. +

The Center of Despair live @ Orient Café, Herten, November 2019.

FFF Kollektiv | Bahnhof Werl

Fotos: Andreas Friebel, Michael Seiss.

FFF Kollektiv | Benefiz Festival 7.0 | Kulttempel

Fotos: Jörg Schulze, Dirk Schützner, Michael Seiss.

ARSENIC Live Premiere | Galerie der Disziplinen

Alchemical Electro. Dance. Lighting Design. Live Painting.

Photos: Detlev Janßen/Colorful Darkness, Robert Gitler, Andreas Friebel.

Some screenshots from our new video THE CENTER OF DESPAIR!

Out now! New single & video: ARSENIC!

New liveshows!

New video coming up soon!

FFF Photoshoot, Jan 2019

FFF Videoshoot, Jan 2019

FFF live @ Grend, Essen, Nov 2018.